Sunday Recap: August 18, 2013


Sunday Recap

August 18, 2013

We emphasized Sunday School in the life of Winterville First Baptist this past Sunday morning. Dr. Steve Parr, the Vice President of the Georgia Baptist Convention spoke to all of our adults in the fellowship hall during the Sunday School hour and preached in the morning worship service. During the preaching hour Steve shared the following message from God’s Word:

A LIFE CHANGING SMALL GROUP (Mark 12:1-12)                           

What are the qualities of a life changing small group?

I. Active Compassion (v.3).

II. Admirable Creativity (v.4a). 

III. Absolute Commitment  (v.4b). 

IV. Astonishing Criticism  (v.6-8). 

V. Amazing Conclusion  (v.5 & 9-12). 

Steve did an amazing job of communicating that our Sunday School classes should be on mission to see people’s lives changed. Several people came to the altar during the invitation time to pray for their classes.

On Sunday evening I continued in my series through the gospel of Luke. We looked at the beginning of John the Baptist’s ministry in Luke 3:1-20. John’s message was “Prepare the way, Jesus is coming!” We looked at the text in the following manner:

I. The Ministry of John the Baptist (1-6).

A. A Ministry Rooted in History (1-2).

B. A Ministry Rooted in Repentance (3).

C. A Ministry Rooted in Promises (4-6).

II. The Preaching of John the Baptist (7-17).

A. Repent from religious ancestry (7-8)!

B. Repent and bear fruit (9-14)!

C. Repent and receive the Messiah (15-17)!

III. The Imprisonment of John the Baptist (18-20).


Dr. Darrell Bock: John illustrates how the proclaimer of the Word should perform his task. The preacher must bear good news as well as news that exposes sin. Some preachers in the past tended to emphasize sin so much that one wondered where grace might be found. Today our problem is the opposite: being able to confront people with their accountability and culpability before God.