Sunday Recap: August 11, 2013


Sunday Recap

August 11, 2013

Most public and private school systems have started back in our area so we saw a slight increase in Sunday School and worship attendance this week.

In the morning message I continued a series through the book of Judges.  In Judges 6:36-7:25 we saw Gideon’s weak faith become a triumphant faith in God.

Main Idea of the Sermon:  God changed Gideon from a man of wavering faith into triumphant faith.

Main Idea of the Text:  God’s desire is for you to be a Christian that lives by triumphant faith.


I. The Source of Triumphant Faith (6:36-7:2).

II. The Test of Triumphant Faith (3-8).

III. The Encouragement of Triumphant Faith (9-15).

IV. The Victory of Triumphant Faith (16-25).

A.W. Tozer:  The Bible recognizes no faith that does not lead to obedience, nor does it recognize any obedience that does not spring from faith. The two are opposite sides of the same coin. 

Dr. Warren Wiersbe:  Victories won because of faith bring glory to God because nobody can explain how they happened.


At the invitation time Emily Velie, the fiancé of our Youth Pastor Josh Mosley, responded to join the church as a candidate for baptism.  Our church family was thrilled!

We finished out the Lord’s Day in the gospel of Luke looking at the final passage in the infancy narrative of Jesus (Luke 2:41-52). 

Main Idea of the Text:  Luke described Jesus self-testimony that He was the Son of God.

Main Idea of the Sermon:  This text teaches us to consider who Jesus is as the Son of God.


I. Jesus is the Son of God whose wisdom should astonish us (47).

II. Jesus is the Son of God whose mission should inspire us (48-49).

III. Jesus is the Son of God whose submission should remind us (51).

IV. Jesus is the Son of God whose growth should encourage us (52).