Sunday Recap: July 29, 2013


Sunday Recap

July 28, 2013

It was a great day in the Lord at Winterville First Baptist.

Little Miss Jenny Perryman was dedicated to Christ by myself and her parents.  Several members of her extended family joined us for this great occasion.  I continued my series in Judges by preaching Judges 6:1-32, “Gutless Gideon.”

Main Idea of the Text:  Gideon had to deal with his weak faith before God would use him.

Main Idea of the Sermon:  God will use any person who refuses to have weak faith in Him.

In this text we see four signs of weak faith.

I. Weak faith has forgotten the past acts of God (1-10).

II. Weak faith has forgotten the presence of God (11-18).

III. Weak faith has forgotten the peace of God (19-24).

IV. Weak faith has forgotten the worship of God (25-32).

George Muller:  Faith does not operate in the realm of the possible. There is no glory for God in that which is humanly possible. Faith begins where man’s power ends.

At the invitation a young lady came forward to present herself as a candidate for baptism.  We now have three people awaiting baptism and that’s exciting!

I got a major surprise when I got home from church and found a small snake coiled up in my garage!  Marsha found another small snake stuck in an insect sticky trap in our garage just a few minutes later.  After posting a picture on Facebook and doing some research on my own, I’m pretty confident that they were baby Black Racers.  It was definitely an interesting afternoon!

On Sunday evening we looked in Luke 2:22-40 at the account of Jesus’ parents presenting Him in the temple.  This account shows us much about the salvation He brought to Israel and the Gentiles.

I. The Presentation of Jesus (22-24).

II. The Witness of Simeon about Jesus (25-35).

III. The Witness of Anna about Jesus (36-38).

IV. The Growth of Jesus (39-40).