Sunday Recap: July 22, 2013


Sunday Re-Cap
July 21, 2013

We’ve raised enough money to remodel our biggest playground!  The last $3,000 was given last week and we’ll have a new playground in about 5-6 weeks!

On Sunday morning I preached, “The Sissy, the Sisters, Sisera, and the Song (Judges 4:1-5:31).

Main Idea of the Text:  God received the glory through the peculiar circumstance by which He used Deborah to deliver Israel from the Canaanites.

Sermon Idea:  God alone should receive the glory when He works in peculiar circumstances.  

How does God work to receive glory in peculiar circumstances?
I.    God gets glory by using unwilling people (1-10).
II.    God gets glory by using unexpected weapons (11-24).
III.    God gets glory by using unusual circumstances (5:1-31).

We had a post-VBS meeting on Sunday afternoon and I was excited to learn that enrollment was up 18% and the offering was up 86% from last year. 

On Sunday evening I preached, “The Birthday of  King (Luke 2:1-21).”

Main Idea of the Text:  Luke described the events surrounding the birth of King Jesus.

Main Idea of the Sermon:  Let’s look into this text and see what happened at the birthday of King Jesus.

I.    It was a day of God’s providence (1-7).
      A.    God providentially decided the time (1-3).
      B.    God providentially decided the town (4-5).
      C.    God providentially decided the theater (6-7).
II.    It was a day of glorious praise (8-14).
      A.    Glorious praise on the earth (8-12).
      B.    Glorious praise in the heavens (13-14).
III.    It was a day of great proclamation (15-21).
      A.    Proclaiming God’s Son (15-17).
      B.    Proclaiming God’s Savior (17-18).
      C.    Proclaiming God’s Salvation (19-21).