Sunday Recap Sunday: July 7, 2013


Sunday Recap
Sunday, July 7, 2013

We had a great Sunday morning and experienced a little break from the rain in time enough for everyone to get to Sunday School and church.

I began preaching through the book of Judges in the morning service. I covered 1:1-3:11 in a sermon I entitled, “Disastrous disobedience and a Keen Kenite.”

Main idea of the Text: After the death of Joshua the nation of Israel fell into spiritual bondage because of it’s sin.

Main idea of the Sermon: Sin in your life can lead to spiritual bondage.

What can we do to prevent sin in our lives that would lead to spiritual bondage?

I.​Live your life with wholehearted obedience to God (1:1-2:5).
II.​Live your life with wholehearted worship of God (2:6-3:6).
III.​Live your life with wholehearted dependence on God (3:7-11).

During the invitation a young lady in our church came forward to express her desire to be baptized as a profession of her faith in Christ. AWESOME! This young lady came to know Christ recently while she was at camp. Our church celebrated her decision.

Ron Mize, our Minister of Music, announced his retirement to the church. Ron has faithfully served the Lord and our church for almost 37 years as Minister of Music. For many of those years he was a Youth Minister as well. Ron is a faithful servant of the Lord who I have enjoyed serving alongside.

Sunday evenings resumed after being off for the month of June. I picked up in Luke 1:39-56 under the title, “Praise God for His Mighty Acts.”

Main idea of the Text: Elizabeth and Mary praised God because the conception of Jesus was a fulfillment of God’s promises to Israel.

Main idea of the Sermon: Christians should praise God because of His mighty acts in our lives.

What are the mighty works that we should praise God for?

I.​Praise God for His power in our lives (39-45).
II.​Praise God for His grace in our lives (46-51).
III.​Praise God for His intervention in our lives (52-56).