Sunday Recap: June 30, 2013


The Sunday before July 4th is statistically the lowest attended worship service in churches throughout America. Easter is generally the highest.

I’m glad to say that wasn’t the case at Winterville. We had a great crowd despite the holiday and vacationing church members. Everybody be safe as you’re traveling this week!

We prayed and will continue to pray for our youth. They’re leaving for World Changers on Saturday. This year they’re going to Birmingham, AL. You can learn more about World Changers here.

I preached Daniel 6:1-24 this Sunday, which contains the famous account of Daniel in the lions’ den.

Main idea of the Biblical text: God delivered Daniel when he faced death because of his faithfulness.

Main idea of the sermon: God can deliver us when we face persecution for being faithful to Him.

During the sermon we looked at the story in four episodes:

  1. Daniel’s Promotion (1-3)
  2. Daniel’s Predicament (4-9)
  3. Daniel’s Faithfulness (10-15)

One commentator put it this way: It is not a question of a positive sin which he will not commit, but of a positive duty which he will not omit.

Marty Duren: We are not told to seek suffering, but its presence should come as no surprise. We are also instructed to make sure our suffering is for good that we have done, not for evil. In other words, let us suffer for being like Jesus rather than for being stupid. Read his full post here.

     4. Daniel’s Deliverance (16-24)

Manly Beasley: “Faith is acting as though a thing is so, when it is not so, until it is so.

We took Sunday evening off because of the holiday weekend, so there are no sermon notes for last night. Everyone enjoy the short week and be safe!