Sunday Recap: June 23, 2013


Sunday Recap for June 23, 2013

We observed the Lord’s Supper this morning in the worship service plus all of the music was about the cross.  It was definitely a “cross-centered” worship service.  Mike Taylor our interim Minister of Education, was back from vacation and his time at the Southern Baptist Convention in Houston, Texas.  We had guests in Sunday School and the worship service, which is always a great thing.  

Since we were observing the Lord’s Supper I wanted to preach a text about Christ’s work on the cross.  I chose to preach Exodus 12:1-13 where God instructed Israel to begin observing the Passover so his wrath would pass over them during the tenth and final plague.  I showed how Christ is our Passover Lamb.  The structure of the sermon looked like this:

I. Christ is our chosen Passover Lamb (1-4).

II. Christ is our perfect Passover Lamb (5).

III. Christ is our slain Passover Lamb (6-10).

IV. Christ is our personal Passover Lamb (11-13).

On Sunday evening our church hosted a concert in Pittard Park in Winterville.  Our musical guests for the evening were The Skillet Lickers.  We enjoyed an hour and a half of great bluegrass and gospel-bluegrass music.  I know most of the members of The Skillet Lickers and they did a great job.  We had free food for everyone and took donations for Christmas in Appalachia, a missions project our church will be involved in later this year.