Books: June 19, 2013


The Conviction to Lead by Al Mohler
Chapter 24, The Leader and Death

• Awareness of our mortality changes everything. We know that our leadership, no matter our age, is a temporary stewardship. We are creatures made for a specific time and a specific opportunity and a unique stewardship of influence, life, and energy.

• Mortality not only is the great equalizer, it is the great motivator.

• There is no place as humbling as a cemetery—and there is no place more likely to remind the leader of the limits of one’s leadership.

• Remember that leadership is conviction transformed into united action. If the convictions are right, the right actions will follow. The wise leader does not try to perpetuate matters of style and taste, or even plans and programs. The leader who aims at a legacy aims to perpetuate conviction.

• Eventually, every great achievement will fade. If all goes well, our successors will outperform us and reach heights we could only dream of.

• You cannot possibly lead with conviction if you entrust the future of your organization to people who do not share those convictions. This is how great movements die—they begin with clarity and end with confusion, or worse.