Sunday Recap: June 16, 2013


Sunday Recap June 16, 2013

Happy belated Father’s Day to all the fathers who read my blog. I had a great Father’s Day at church and at home. I enjoyed lunch at Cracker Barrel, got my afternoon nap and had an evening off from preaching.

I think all of us were suffering a little bit of Vacation Bible School “hangover” on Sunday morning. It was the end of a long but enjoyable week of ministry through VBS. We had guests in Sunday School and worship who we reached through VBS! What a blessing! The morning offering was over $11,000. A 20 year-old young man in our church came forward to make his relationship with Jesus public and present himself as a candidate for baptism. We had people on their feet congratulating him!

I preached 3 John in its entirety for the morning message. This short epistle has 14 verses but it is packed with biblical truth. The title of my sermon was, “How Would You like to be Known?” We looked at the reputation of four men mentioned in 3 John. Here’s what we saw:

I.​A Commendable Christian (1-8).
II.​A Conceited Christian (9-10).
III.​A Consistent Christian (11-12).
IV.​A Caring Christian (13-14).

I closed the sermon with a strong quote from Charles Spurgeon:

“The eagle-eyed world acts as a policeman for the church … [it] becomes a watch-dog over the sheep, barking furiously as soon as one goes astray. Be careful, be careful of your private lives … and I believe your public lives will be sure to be right; but remember that it is upon your public life that the verdict of the world will very much depend.”