The Conviction to Lead by Dr. Al Mohler: Pt. 2


One of the books I’m reading right now is The Conviction to Lead by Dr. Al Mohler. I just finished chapter 22, “The Leader and Time.” Here are a few things that caught my eye as I was reading:

  1. Most leaders know that time is precious and that it is, in a sense, not on our side.
  2. The scarcity of time is the great leveler of humanity, affecting the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless.
  3. Leaders understand that time is working against them, and that success or failure depends upon the right deployment and stewardship of time. 
  4. All of human history will be like the twinkling of an eye in the context of eternity, and every minute of time that we experience is a reminder of the distinction between God in his timelessness and us in our temporality.
  5. Our earthly lives must be measured by an impact that is eternal rather than merely temporal. This means, most importantly, that the Christian leader understands his calling in terms of God’s eternal purposes and plan.
  6. The second truth the Christian leader knows is that our time is in God’s hands. We did not choose when to be born, nor will we choose when we die. God made us for his glory and for a purpose within his plan.
  7. The Christian leader knows that a day of judgment is coming, when every minute of our lives will be exposed to God’s righteous judgment. 
  8. The expectation of constant availability will defeat any leader and render leadership ineffective.
  9. Faithful leaders know that time has to be protected or it will be lost. Once lost, it can never be regained. This requires hard decisions and maturity.
  10. Everything humans build will one day be reduced to ruins, but our lives and our leadership will, in Christ, have eternal consequences and impact.

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You can find The Conviction to Lead on Amazon, and can check out Dr. Mohler’s website by clicking here.