Sunday Recap January 6, 2014 We had the largest Sunday School attendance (196) today since the church year began in September! Keith Chandler began his ministry today as our interim Minister of Music. He did a great job and our church thoroughly enjoyed him leading…

Sunday Recap: January 6, 2014

Sunday Recap December 9, 2013 Sunday morning was our celebrating of the life and ministry of Ron Mize who has been our Minister of Music for over 37 years.  Ron will retiring at the end of this month.  We had several video tributes and special…

Sunday Recap: December 8, 2013


Sunday Recap 12-2-13  I continued my series in Judges in the morning service with a sermon I entitled, “Micah, His Mom, and Her Money” (Judges 17:1-18:31).  Main Idea of the Text:  The incident of Micah, his mom, and the Danites described the corruption that occurred…

Sunday Recap: Dec. 1, 2013


Sunday Recap November 25, 2013 Yesterday morning I continued my preaching series through the book of Judges.  I preached Judges 16:1-31 in a sermon I entitled, “Gazing in Gaza.” Main Idea of the Text:  Samson failed to master sin and as a result he was…

Sunday Recap: November 25, 2013


Sunday Recap November 11, 2013 I continued my series through Judges on Sunday morning with “Samson the Savior is born (Judges 9: 13:1-25). Main Idea of the Text:  God provided Israel with Samson to save Israel from its Philistine oppressors. Main Idea of the Sermon: …

Sunday Recap: November 11, 2013


You can check out an article on CNN that Phil got interviewed for here! Article


A Review of “Gospel-Centered Teaching:  Showing Christ in All the Scripture” by Trevin Wax             I was first acquainted with the terms “Christ-centered” and it’s counterpart “Gospel-centered” while doing doctoral work in expository preaching.  I was introduced to these concepts through the ministry of men…

Review: Trevin Wax: Gospel Centered Teaching


Sunday Recap November 4, 2013 My Sunday morning title text were “The Tragedy of Self-Ambition,” Judges 11:1-12:7.   Main Idea of the Text:  Jephthah was a man consumed with the sin of self-ambition.   Main Idea of the Sermon:  Self-ambition is a sin that all…

Sunday Recap: November 3


Revival, Renewal, and Review Our revival services began on October 6th with Jon Reed preaching in the morning worship service.  This was also the 14th day of my fast.  I was wondering when to break the fast, either Sunday night or Monday morning.  I had…

Fasting: Part 6


MY FAST-Part 2 (POST 5) My fast began on Monday, September 23.  I had made index cards with issues I wanted to pray about during my fast.  I would attempt to maintain my normal schedule as much as possible.  In the next two posts I…

Fasting: Part 5




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